Jennifer Le

Jennifer Le



I don't think I realized how much VSA impacted my life until I graduated. Looking back on it, it's pretty much how I met everyone I know. All of my memories involve some type of VSA activity/event. My freshmen year, VSA was still 'young' from a revival 1-2 years prior. The upperclassmen, which I will always refer to as The Upperclassmen (even after we've all become alumni), were working hard to bring back VSA to it's glory days. I was lucky enough to be around and witness this resurgence. My sophomore year, I had the courage to get more involved and run for Public Relations. Junior year I became Secretary, then senior year I jumped all the way up to Presidency! VSA leadership was a ton of work, but it was well worth it! I'm proud to see how far VSA has come today! 
Road trips to visit other schools for their VSA Culture Shows were among my favorite memories involving VSA. Culture Show season was always the most exhausting, yet the most exciting time of the year. My favorite Culture Show would be from my senior year: "Indiana Jones and the Legend of Heaven's Will." Maybe because it was my last, but it was full of laughter and tears --which isn't unlike any other year but it meant the most. 
When I was a freshmen, I was fortunate enough to have four bigs. Then by the time I graduated, I had 5 littles and left a legacy that is still growing. Every full moon, I meet up one of my many littles and learn that our Killa Jul family has once again expanded by a million. Aside from the many goals I wanted to accomplish, while I was still in VSA, the one thing that I really strived for was make sure VSA lived on. I had to ensure that VSA had a future and that those in my VSA family, continued to be involved and get littles of their own. I can say with great pride and fulfillment that all of that has happened. VSA and my little family continues to grow to this day, 6 years later.


Here are some of my favorite memories from when I was president!