Thanh Luu

Thanh Luu



VSA meant a lot to me during my time at Virginia Tech, especially in my senior year. Amidst figuring out how to answer employers’ requests for my 5 and 10-year plans in interviews, I found an odd sense of security and peace when I was at VSA events. Throughout my time in VSA, I had served in a few leadership positions, including Show Director, Vice President, and ultimately taking on the President position in my last year. As I continued to elevate into these officer positions, I felt very responsible but also passionate about creating fun environments and experiences for all members to always feel at home.
We rejuvenated the Big & Little Reveal to become a lively event of t-shirt exchanges, welcome tunnels, and games; we took the Culture Show to bigger venues and packed them with captivating plots and performances; we introduced the VSA pinney, bro; we raised thousands of dollars for the CPP with sweat and tears during Pho Night; we rallied a strong, diverse group of members that transpired the identifier in the first letter of our acronym. All of these achievements by the officers and members earned our organization the Hokie Spirit Award in 2012. I felt a sense of accomplishment for VSA, as it was officially “on the map” among the established organizations on campus.
Years after graduating I still don’t have my 10-year plan figured out yet, but life is slowly falling into place. Armed with my English and Apparel degrees, I ended up in corporate philanthropy after a short stint in corporate retail. I like to think that our Virginia Tech motto, “Ut Prosim” and the work I did with VSA’s CPP led me here—to a fulfilling career helping my company invest in charitable causes that matter to our employees and our areas of operation. Last August, I also married the love of my life, whom I met through VTVSA. I’ve managed to take a little piece of the VTVSA I called home for four years with me for life and I’ll always feel a little jolt of excitement when I see VTVSA notifications on my news feed, confirming that the greatest organization I could have dreamed to be a part of is still alive and well.


Here are some of my favorite memories from when I was president!