Vance Nguyen

Vance Nguyen



My name is Vance Nguyen and I graduated Virginia Tech in 2015 with a degree in Business Information Technology. I was President of VSA from 2014-2015 after being Treasurer my sophomore year, and Events Coordinator my junior year. I currently work as a Technology Consulting Senior Analyst at Accenture working on federal consulting for Information Systems. When I first came to Virginia Tech, I was very adamant on meeting new people and fitting in. Because of that mentality, I tried so hard to assimilate myself with the majority of my hall mates. I never wanted to be a part of an Asian organization because I've been surrounded by other Asians my whole life, and my sister was also President of VSA at VCU. So when Gobblerfest came around, I signed my name up for the VSA listserv, but only out of courtesy. I never attended VSA events because I thought I was too cool for it, until my friend from high school asked me to play football for VSA. I was hesistant at first but thought why not? She also persuaded me to get a Big as well and even filled out the application for me. Little did I know that I would start a lifetime of involvement in VTVSA. I ran for office thereon out, and made some of the closest friends that I have now. VSA contributed to a majority of my college memories and I can't imagine doing it any differently. From prepping for Pho nights to raising over $2000 for Relay for Life off of a cookie I created (deep fried Oreo and Samoa). The best thing though, is seeing VSA grow from when I led it, to where it is now, and hwere it will be in the future.


Here are some of my favorite memories from when I was president!