About Us

Who We Are

We are the Vietnamese Student Association at Virginia Tech (VTVSA). VTVSA is a student organization looking to promote Vietnamese American culture and to serve as a network for current students and alumni to spark relationships. Our organization is a part of a larger community known as MAUVSA, or the Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Associations. MAUVSA represents 10 VSAs and has a large alumni network, which opens up many opportunities for all members!

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Why Join?

VTVSA attracts over 100 very diverse members every year and we are continuing to grow even larger! Students join for various reasons as VSA organizes many events and activities to promote cultural awareness, long-lasting relationships, and community involvement! More information about what VSA does can be found on the home page! Just explore the various links to learn more about what you'd like to get involved in!

Umbrella Organizations


AASU stands for the Asian American Student Union at Virginia Tech. This umbrella organization is in charge of all of the Asian Orginzations on the Virginia Tech campus, promoting asian culture and heritage to the greater Virginia Tech through AASU Culture Show, Asian American Pacific Heritage Month events and much more!

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MAUVSA stands for the Mid-Atlantic Student Union of Vietnamese Student Associations. This umbrella organization brings together all the VSA's in the Mid-Atlantic area (Virginia and Maryland). Bi-yearly events include: MAUVSA Conference, which happens in January of every year, and MAUVSA Gala, which happens mid-June of every year.

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UNAVSA stands for Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations. This conference brings together all the VSA's around the United States.

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